General Environmental Material Handling System
Double Deep AS/RS
Different from a standard unit load, there are two storage units on each side of the crane.

High Temperature Aging AS/RS
This type of AS/RS is suitable for aging products in high temperature environment.

Unit Load AS/RS
Many large storage units can be used to store heavy or big size materials placed on pallets.

Mini Load AS/RS
Many small storage units can be used to store small or irregularly shaped materials placed in boxes.

Assembly AS/RS
AS/RSís shelves are built with modular designed steel frames.

Rack-Supported Building AS/RS
An automated warehouse where the rack is integrated into the building. The warehouse is a separate building from the factory.

Finished Products and Semi Finished Products AS/RS
The around-the-clock production of automatic line usually demands a lot of storage space for the finished and semi-finished products. Mirle can design a customized 3-D AS/RS which can be integrated with the original automatic production line. The semi-finished products can be buffered in the AS/RS while they are waiting for further processing, and a great number of finished products can also be stored in the AS/RS. In addition, in order to improve the management effectiveness for customers, warehouse management software is customized based on the requirements for different industries.

AS/RS for Wafer-Cassette Filled with Nitrogen
Normally the vertical cyclic type AS/RS is used to store wafer cassette filled with nitrogen, however, its storage space is limited. To meet the demand for more storage space, Mirle developed an AS/RS filled with nitrogen for wafer-cassette. By installing a panel on each side of a storage unit in the AS/RS, an airtight partition is formed. Each partition is filled with nitrogen and monitored. Each partition has dual gates at its accesses to conveyors and each gate is a fast rolling door. When one gate is open, the other one is closed. Therefore, the nitrogen leakage can be reduced. With this system, the storage space can be significantly increased, the cost can be reduced and the warehouse management efficiency can be improved.